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This algorithm is able to take the face of a celebrity from a publicly available video and seamlessly paste it onto the body of a porn performer. Porn World Doppelganger, Porn Star By Face, and FindPornFace are three easy-to-use web-based tools that say they use facial recognition technology to find a porn lookalike. Once deepfake makers have enough images of a face to work with, they need to find the right body of a porn performer to put it on. So far, these videos do seem to have been created for the pleasure of the creator rather than the humiliation of the object of their desire. Celebrity Non-Couples. Fake celebrity porn seamless enough to be mistaken for the real thing. After we published this story, Discord shut down the chatroom where people were discussing the creation of deepfake porn videos.

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There’s a hotboy Reddit that can put anyone’s face onto a porn star using AI

This privacy notice details important information regarding the use and disclosure of user information collected on the DeepMindy web site. Persistent cookies can be removed by following your web browser help file directions. In addition, the technology could advance beyond pornography and one day be used to to make famous figures appear to say and do things that they really haven't, NY Magazine reported. Tools like FindPornFace are just automating part of a process communities on Reddit, 4chan and notorious revenge porn sites such as Anon-IB have been practicing manually for years: Your request timed out.

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