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I moved to a different state and went back at 24 to a community college. By the way, I'm not some jaded prick I don't really care if someone has money or not - I would appreciate a real date once in a while but it doesn't have to be expensive. Thanks in advance! If you earn your money on your own, you get to do whatever you damn well like with it. In my first serious relationship, I dated someone significantly poorer than I was, and they had inherited their parents horrible spending habits.

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I would not be interested in a guy staying home to do house stuff which I manage to do while working

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However, I love camping and always preferred it to camp. My point was what if they are taking notice of wealth and attempt to prey on that? Naw, I'm not that rich. I have money because my parents have educations and work hard, and so do I. Holy fuck. Worked for 15 years at a company and the company just shut down so you're unemployed? It sucks that this kind of means "the rich get richer" by becoming a kind of aristocracy, but frankly, that's just life.

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