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Episode Hetty needs an answer soon, but Deeks remains unsure of his decision. Kensi is the least injured member of the team, but becomes extremely worried when Deeks has since remained unconscious following the SUV explosion. He tells Kensi, he only co-operated enough to keep his village safe and did not want revenge as he believes no one wins in war. During a mission, the team are shot down in their helicopter and while everyone survives, Kensi suffers from severe injuries, leaving her in a coma and Deeks extremely worried about her.

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Deeks symbolises his uncertainty about his and Kensi being together and returns Kensi's knife she gave him before she left for Afghanistan, indicating he may not be ready after all for them to be truly together and needs more time.

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NCIS: Los Angeles: Deeks and Kensi's Romantic Journey

Fifty Shades Freed. There have even been hints that Deeks and Kensi are romantically interested in one another, and there has been constant continuous moments during which they have flirted with each other and have come close to have romantic contact, although they both strongly deny it. Later Kensi goes to talk to Deeks and he asks her if she is good. Los Angeles. Eventually after a talk with Nate, Deeks finally allows Kensi into his apartment and sees her again for the first time since his temporary leave.

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when do deeks and kensi start dating
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when do deeks and kensi start dating
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when do deeks and kensi start dating
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