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A blog titled "Sex in Shanghai: However, some of the Western men Bernstein describes -- the ones who favor Asian women because they consider them less "demanding" than their Western counterparts -- shouldn't let themselves get too comfortable, either. It seems to be particularly difficult for Bernstein to conceive of prostitution as a trade or profession rather than as a condition or identity. In spite of the undeniable backdrop of injustice and exploitation, some of these encounters have been a Good Thing, offering to the men a reprieve from the repressive sexual morality of the Christian West and to the women a chance at a less traditionally patriarchal relationship than they might have had with many of their countrymen. The girl you could never have in Pennsylvania may someday be the girl you can't have in Bangkok, either. If you define sexual freedom as being able to do whatever you want with whomever you please, then except in very rare cases of perfect compatibility with one's partner at every moment one man's freedom is another woman's compulsion.

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ChinaBounder's crowing provoked what Bernstein describes as a "murderously furious response" from Chinese men, who reviled him as a "white ape.

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Bernstein is, as I mentioned, no fool, and so of course he knows and acknowledges this, but there is a sense in which it's not entirely real to him; he is constantly asking the reader to temporarily set aside any objections regarding the utter powerlessness of the female participants in this "freedom" so that we can contemplate for a moment how liberating it must have been for the men. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: As he writes several times in "The East, the West and Sex," Western men would discover that Eastern cultures tended to "accept that there would be a certain class of women whose role in the world was to satisfy male sexual desire and that the satisfaction of male sexual desire was natural and moral. Some told him that Asian men insisted on traditional feminine deference and self-sacrifice, while others copped to viewing Western men as, um, sexually exotic. We are working to restore service. Editor's Picks None of this was supposed to happen yet.

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