Online dating comebacks

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She also knows she way too good for a 1, which he clearly is. Life sucks, we know. Well, I kind of feel like if you have to say "I'm an adult," then you're probably not as adult as you think you are. Did he think he was being clever or cute? I'm not dissing anyone who's down for random hookups, but just going for it like that? Not only is this the perfect way to shut down the conversation, it also sends the clear message to the creeper that she is not about being someone's woman or someone's girlfriend; she's about being a powerful, independent woman. Leave A Comment.

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He might as well be giggling in sex ed class, or pulling a girl's hair on the playground.

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Moon references are the best. Get a shot glass like a real man. Have a savage comeback you'd want to share with us? Does that make you an adult? Flaccid personality byefelipe. Asking about your favorite position is a classic creeper opening line. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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online dating comebacks
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online dating comebacks
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online dating comebacks
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